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Ways to get involved: NichiBei Care News Subscription and NichiBei Care Membership 


NichiBei Care News Subscription

Subscribe to our e-Newsletter. It is a great way to stay connected and get the up-to-date information on NichiBei Care’s events.

​Subscriber’s Benefits:

As a subscriber, you receive discounts on most of our events.

How to subscribe to NichiBei Care News?
email us with a subject “subscribe to newsletter”
or search for “” and request to join.


NichiBei Care Membership:

Mental health professionals or graduate level students who are interested in our mission are welcome to become a member.  Please send a us a message here.

​Member’s Benefits include:

Email group
Members’ mailing list for referral and other helpful exchanges.

Educational Opportunities
Give and receive educational presentations to and from our members. We also have many thought provoking discussions on cultural issues in a respectful and supportive atmosphere.

Community Outreach
Opportunities to contribute your knowledge to the greater community through events and consultations.

Social events:
Face-to-face social and networking opportunities. Our members exchange information and mutual support for disaster recovery efforts, community education and culturally relevant issues.


Other ways to get involved

We’d love to collaborate with other organizations and communities, who share an interest with us. Please contact us. We’d love to get to know you!

Other ways to stay connected

Stay connected with what’s happening with NichiBei Care by visiting or “Like” us on Facebook.


Join student groups

NichiBei Care CIIS
If you are a student, alums or faculties at California Institute of Integral Studies, please also join Nichi Bei Care CIIS. Nichi Bei Care CIIS is funded by CIIS Student Alliance. We organize monthly meetings, study groups and workshops in collaboration with Nichi Bei Care. 


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