Disaster Relief

NichiBei Care provides disaster relief services directly to the survivors of Great East Japan Earthquake and its subsequent disasters. 

Tohoku First Five!

Tohoku First Five! is aimed to contribute to the Great East Japan Earthquake recovery effort by providing emotional support through creative arts therapy to pre-school/ kindergarten aged children, families and teachers in the affected areas. Services include, training and consultation to teachers and direct-service professionals, therapeutic groups and individual sessions for children and parents, as well as advocacy and outreach.

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ACT Japan

ACT Japan teaches effective parenting skills to parents and other adults who raise and care for young children to prevent violence at home and youth behavior problems.  

ACT Japan is a culturally modified version of the research based program ACT/Parents Raising Safe Kids Program, developed by American Psychological Association.  ACT/Parents Raising Safe Kids Program has been taught across the United States and many other countries.

For more information on ACT Japan, please visit 
http://actjapan.wix.com/actjapan (in Japanese)

For more information on ACT, please visit http://actagainstviolence.apa.org/index.html

Disaster Relief – Selected past direct services

We provided a week-long disaster mental health training in San Francisco to the first responders and the relief effort providers from the affected area of Great East Japan Earthquake, a collaboration with Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (JCCCNC) and Japan Overseas Christian Medical Cooperative Services.

NichiBei Care Creative Arts Therapists (NichiBei CATs) have been providing mental health care oriented workshops at preschools and senior programs in Fukushima, Japan.

NichiBei CATs provided menatal health care workshop for preschool teachers in Fukushima, Japan. 

NichiBei Care members provide clinically informed activities for the children who are participating in a national research on the effects of the disaster.

Several NichiBei Care members traveled to the affected areas to volunteer to do various tasks, ranging from debris cleaning to mental health support.

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