For NichiBei Care Members

This web page is for our members only.

NichiBei care is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Our programs are run based upon donations. 

Please make a payment for renewing your annual membership.  There are different types of memberships. 

  • Membership Type 1 – If you are a student member, a suggested donation is $10. 
  • Membership Type 2 – If you are renewing your non-student membership, a suggested donation is $40. 
  • Membership Type 3 – For a new non-student member, a suggested donation is $40.
  • Membership Type 4 – If you would like to list your business on our website, a suggested donation will be $50 ($40 renewal/new membership plus $10 for listing your business).

Step 1: Once you click the PayPal button below, enter your login information.  Then, please enter a suggested donation. (We would greatly appreciate if you would like to make additional donation.  Please add the additional donation to the suggested donations.)

Step 2: Then, by clicking either “Donate with PayPal” or “Donate with Debit/Credit Card” you will be taken to the next web page .  Please write down your Fee Type under “Add a special instruction to the seller”, so that our administrator would know which Fee Type you are paying for. 

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